Opening Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm
Morning session: 8am - 1pm | Lunch hour: 12 noon - 1pm | Afternoon session: 1pm - 6pm



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Information for Parents

Daily Routine
Your child will quickly settle in comfortably to the nursery routine.
To keep you fully informed of your child's activities and well-being, you will be handed a report sheet at the end of every nursery session. Throughout the day, staff note down which toys were played with; activities in which your child was involved (tumbletots, music and dance, storytime, painting, outings to local parks/museums) toiletting progress; lunch/snack food eaten; nap times.

A Nursery Registration Form is obtainable from Nursery staff.
To download a Registration Form click here .

0-2 years daily rate = £40.50 (£20.25 per session)
2-5 years daily rate = £36.00 (£18.00 per session)
0-2 years full time rate = £752 per calendar month
2-5 years full time rate = £654 per calendar month

Food and Snacks
Cartoon girlA healthy snack is provided by the Nursery during both sessions. Lunch should be providied by parents who can choose to send in a cold packed lunch box or a prepared meal, all in a container clearly labelled with the child's name. Please be aware that the Nursery is a nut-free zone to avoid any allergy risks.
All Staff have received CookSafe training and therefore all meals can be safely reheated on site.

Sample snack Menus:
Rice cakes and cheese
Pineapple and milk or water
Organic pitta bread and salad
Plums and milk or water
Toasted wholemeal muffins
Melon and milk and water